Data Essence & CLP Labelling


All SDS, IFRA, Allergens are on one PDF. The information for all products we sell  are on our One Drive.

We supply you after ordering a link on the Completed e-mail sent out to you so please do not delete this e-mail.


We are a progressive company always looking at making your business grow without the stress that CLP Regulation (classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals, EU) seems to be causing our customers since it came into force.

We have put in many hours trying to help our customer requirements & it is still causing problems for some, when mixing any of our products together, trying to take the information off the SDS that we supply.

We have completed the full installation of Data Essence with a great success.

Data Essence is a unique, secure and high performing software product designed specifically for formulating companies like ours in the Fragrance and Essential Oil Industry.

With this now installed, we have started to add new products with all the SDS, IFRA, Allergens and CLP for all our products listed.

This is a very large investment for us, but we think it will be the next big step to help our customers. It will enable us to instantly get the correct info for your CLP labelling requirements, for any products we sell, if mixed together by you or our company.

Further to this, we will need any SDS for your products that you mix with ours, like your waxes, dyes, soap bases Etc. (The list is endless.)

We can then at the touch of a button or two, create all the info you need for your product mixes.  Thus, enabling us to list 1000’s of new products that are in the forefront of our company planned expansion this year, to help you expand like we have over the last few years using these new products.

We take pride in our products and our service to our customers and believe together we can flourish.

So in the future if you require access to our onedrive data system, please send us an email requesting the Log In with your last Order number.