Candle Making Fragrance Oil (Paraben Free).

Candle Making Fragrance Oil (Paraben Free). Also used for wax melts.

All our Candle Making (Paraben Free) fragrance Oils are of high quality.

These oils are made with synthetic or essential oils, or a mixture of both.
They are suitable for candles.
We would recommend you test with a small quantity to see if the oil is suitable for your requirements.
If in doubt always test first.
The percentage of oil in your wax blend depends on your profit as some of our customers go in at 3% to 15% but most of our customers go in at 8% to 10% so it is up to you to do your own trials. Help with this can be found at regarding getting the right temp etc.

Do not take internally. Not suitable for direct skin use. Do not let the oil come into contact with painted or polished surfaces.

Available in the following sizes:
25ml in amber glass bottles with a dropper and black cap.

(Please note the 25ml Amber Glass bottles; these vary in height/width)
50ml,100ml and 250ml in amber plastic bottle without dropper.
500ml in Natural plastic bottle.

Please please read FAQ’s and if you’re wanting SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP documentation then look out for the e-mail we send called COMPLETE, we send the link to our one-drive with all this info on the SDS and CLP doc’s.

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