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Designer Type Fragrance oils are a likeness to your favourite perfume or aftershave.

Disclaimer* (These designer fragrances oils listed are not here to deceive or confuse you with any trademarks or copyrights of any world wide original named companies and their perfume products.)
These oils are made in the UK. They are Paraben Free.
These fragrance oils can be used for candles & soap making, on room burners with added water, revitalizing potpourri, humidifiers, bath bombs, lamp rings, soaps, wax melt, reed diffusers, roller-balls, cream bases, the list is endless.
Fragrance oils are available in the following sizes from 10ml to 100ml. for larger amounts please call us for a quote.
Please note small 10ml samples should be obtained first to carry out testing on your products before buying larger amounts.
When making products coming into contact with the skin please obtain the SDS & IFRA statements.
Do not take internally. Not suitable for direct skin use. Do not let the oil come into contact with painted or polished surfaces