Multi Purpose Fragrance Oils

Multi Purpose Fragrance Oils are of high quality, paraben free & cosmetic grade.

These oils as the new labels are showing replaces the old fragrance oils, candle & soap making.

Note: None of our fragrances contain any animal derived ingredients.

We do not test on animals. See link.

Please Note: These fragrances are not all clear in colour.

Uses: These Multi Purpose Fragrance Oils can be used for making candles, wax melts, soap, shampoo, shower gel, bath bombs, bath oil, bath salts, gels & cream bases, on room burners with added water, revitalizing potpourri, humidifiers, lamp rings, & reed diffusers.

In fact the list is endless. Always check the IFRA doc before mixing.

Always keep naked flames away from any combustible materials.

All the SDS, IFRA, Allergens and the CLP etc. are available when you purchase our oils on our one drive and you get a link to this on your COMPLETE e-mail sent after order has been dispatched. Always check your junk box for any updates to your order.

If you require the link to these SDS, IFRA, Allergens & CLP then we must have your last order number.

These oils are made with synthetic or essential oils or a mixture of both.

Keep out of the reach of children,

Do not take internally. Not suitable for direct skin use.

Do not let the oil meet painted or polished surfaces.

Store in a safe cool dry place.

Do not use neat on the skin.

They are available in the following sizes.

10ml & 25ml are in amber glass bottles with a dropper and black cap.

50ml,100ml & 250ml are in amber plastic without a dropper.

500ml & 1 litre are in White plastic bottle. Please note the 25ml Amber Glass bottles; these may vary slightly in width or height due to availability.

If you need larger volumes, then please call us for price breaks starting at 5 litres

With over 400 fragrances to choose from we are sure you will find one you to suit your needs.

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